Double up – European League delivers Volleyball parties in Budapest and Érd

Budapest, Hungary, June 1, 2018. Even the oldest Hungarian Volleyball experts could not remember when both the women’s and the men’s national teams played competitive matches on the same day at the same venue for the last time – it was really a special day for Hungarian Volleyball. On May 23, first the men’s team played in the Silver European League against Albania, and the day was crowned by the appearance of the women’s national team in their Golden European League game against Croatia. In the last match day of the group stage, June 6, there will be another double match, this time in Érd.

In the new hall of the National University of Public Service, a large crowd was cheering for Hungary men’s team against Albania. The home team, supported by the fans, began well, but after losing the first set, the visitors came back and managed to secure a 3-1 important away victory.

Player Péter Blázsovics said after the game this cooperation between the women’s and the men’s national teams is vital for Hungarian Volleyball. “Of course we will watch the game of the girls and support them the same way as they supported us,” said Blázsovics.

The women’s team arrived during the match and the players were watching the game supporting the boys, along with their head coach Jan De Brandt.

For the women’s match the crowd reached more than 1,000 people, the atmosphere was great, as well as the match. Hungary and Croatia battled hard for the victory, with the home side emerging victorious in the end. After the match point, the crowd celebrated the team with a standing ovation.

Renáta Sándor, one of Hungary’s star players, liked that they played right after the men’s team, even though they could not watch the boys’ match, and she said this “double match” is great for the fans and for Hungarian Volleyball as well.

The Hungarian Federation was pleased with the attendance and the atmosphere of the matches, and they hope the success can be just the same on June 6 when the men’s and women’s teams play again on the same day at the same venue, this time in Érd.